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By Matteo Trevisan

Three years ago, I proposed to get a foosball table for the office so that we can enjoy it while taking a break during the working day. This idea turned out to be much better than I had imagined. …

By Stefano Cariddi

In our previous article, A Math-free Introduction to Data Science, we introduced the concept of Machine Learning. In this post, we aim at deepening it.

This post is divided in two parts: in the first part we will define Machine Learning, and in the second one we…

By Stefano Cariddi

Picture Designed by GarryKillian / Freepik

Let us be frank: everyone with access to the internet has encountered, at least once in their life, the term data science, and this has probably happened in the past five years.

In this article we aim at introducing some key concepts that are necessary to understand…

By Davide Pagin

Source: Picture designed by Freepik. Simple visualization of the heterogeneity of data and how the process of Data Mining tries to summarize them .

Data Mining is one of the most trending concepts of this era. Every person who has studied a scientific subject in their life has almost surely met this concept, but also people who don’t study or work with data have probably heard about it. So the question…

By Rodrigo Vargas

Picture designed by Freepik

I’ve been recently involved in drafting a proposal for a project tender regarding the use of AI in the diagnosis of prostate cancer. Incoming data will consist of ultrasound images. Now, medical equipment is not an expertise of mine, so in the process I learnt a couple…

By Gianluca Businaro

“An image is worth a thousand words” represents a concept that embodies a world connected to how the human being communicates and receives information.

The Sense of Sight

To better understand, we need to talk about the sense organs. The sense organs are those organs (ie, eyes, ear, mouth, nose and skin) that allow people to interact on different levels with the world around them.

Sight is the sense responsible for the perception of visual…

By Marica Spada

A month ago, my colleague and I talked about logos. It was a moment of satisfaction because I could explain to her what a logo design is.

A logo is an easily recognizable, versatile and smart visual design element that includes the name, symbol, and color of…

By Stefano Nalin

Digital Signage, in its simplest definition, is a subcategory of electronic signage which makes use of LCD, LED, and other digital technologies to display multimedia content. Behind this simple definition, there is a whole world of hardware, software and digital content working together seamlessly. …

Ennova Research

We see beyond today’s needs focusing on R&D to bring innovative, human-driven and tech-driven solutions to the market.

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