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Bring Intelligence to Document Processing


The company’s objective was to introduce an intelligent system that would increase the efficiency of the company’s liquidators by using an…

Human Resources Predictive Analytics


The company’s need was twofold:

  • Understanding who is more likely to leave
  • Understand why those people were leaving

By Andrea Dossi

Phone vector created by upklyak

The amount of time we spend daily with our phones has been increasing steadily for the past decade. Whether this fact comes from a PhD study or a comment from an elderly lady on your daily commute, it’s a change of habits that’s hardly disputable, especially if…

By Davide Pagin

Source: Picture designed by Freepik. Simple visualization of the heterogeneity of data and how the process of Data Mining tries to summarize them .

Data Mining is one of the most trending concepts of this era. Every person who has studied a scientific subject in their life has almost surely met this concept, but also people who don’t study or work with data have probably heard about it. So the question…

By Gianluca Businaro

“An image is worth a thousand words” represents a concept that embodies a world connected to how the human being communicates and receives information.

The Sense of Sight

Sight is the sense responsible for the perception of visual…

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