A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

“An image is worth a thousand words” represents a concept that embodies a world connected to how the human being communicates and receives information.

The Sense of Sight

To better understand, we need to talk about the sense organs. The sense organs are those organs (ie, eyes, ear, mouth, nose and skin) that allow people to interact on different levels with the world around them.

The Benefits of Pictures

The pictures are the medium between theory and practice. Although somewhat abstract, it represents what the real world is in a figurative way and gives us an extra tool to put into practice what was initially only theory. Just think, for example, to assemble your new IKEA furniture following instructions where everything is written without the use of images. It would probably take double the time to finish.

Pictures and Marketing

The human brain characteristic of remembering the perceived image over time is widely used in marketing to stimulate the spontaneous memory of advertisements or products. Images play a very important role; they are the means to attract attention and to communicate a thought, an action, an instruction or an emotion in a very short period of time. The images give immediacy of receiving input.

Pictures and User Experience

In today’s design and especially in the user experience, pictures take on a very important relevance. This depends on the need to make graphical interfaces simpler and more intuitive.


In conclusion, we could summarize everything in a few key points:

  • Pictures attract more than written text
  • Pictures arouse emotions by creating a real contact with the viewer
  • Pictures express a concept directly



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