An introduction to Data Mining

Source: Picture designed by Freepik. Simple visualization of the heterogeneity of data and how the process of Data Mining tries to summarize them .
Source: Google Ngram site,

Data Mining and its neighbours

Data Mining is frequently confused with other processes that deal with data, and for this reason other expressions are utilized as synonyms of Data Mining. In particular, the Knowledge Discovery in Database (KDD) is often considered the same concept as Data Mining. Although KDD also refers to activities that don’t concern Data Mining, it alludes to a larger concept. In fact, KDD includes other essential procedures to identify the data of interest:

  1. The application of a series of software tools called On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) to make a primary form of descriptive analysis by querying the Data Warehouse and extracting multiway tables in which every cell shows the frequency of the intersection between various modalities of the variables included in the table



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