How to face a job interview?

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2 min readJan 31, 2023

By Camilla Cacco

Your dream company has finally called you for a job interview. And now? How will you successfully face this moment? For many people this is a real dilemma. Finding an exact and definitive answer is difficult, and oftentimes, multiple attempts are required. However, an interview can be a key opportunity and it’s important to face it with the utmost seriousness, and perhaps, the right pinch of adrenaline.

If you’re nervous, we get it. It’s totally normal. In fact, it’s even a good thing because it means you’re taking this new opportunity seriously.

Still worried? We’re here for you! By reading this article, you’ll find that getting through a job interview is easier than you think — it’s all about being prepared.

A job interview is an invitation from a potential employer who’s interested in getting to know and evaluating a candidate, both personally and professionally. Job interviews are never 100% identical, but they still have some characteristics in common: by knowing them, you’ll increase the chances of not making mistakes and… You’ll become a true expert at interviewing!

Here are some of our “golden rules” you should keep in mind before facing a job interview at best:

  • Learn about the company and your role. Knowing the context in which you might fit is important as it gives you the opportunity to prove you are the right person in the right place!
  • Be on time and without anxiety. Being on time doesn’t mean arriving half an hour earlier… Don’t worry!
  • Express interest and emphasize your soft skills. Tell them about yourself, your experiences, what you are passionate about… Recruiters like enthusiastic people!
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. The interview is a discussion and not a one-sided questioning, so if you want to deepen some aspects of your role, don’t worry about asking!
  • Be patient. If they’ve promised you feedback, you’ll get it as soon as possible. If not, just send them a follow-up email!
  • Be yourself. Highlight your qualities and express your personality because being authentic is the best way to go in any situation.

Good luck!



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