The importance of brand awareness

A fundamental starting point to make a company known and remembered

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2 min readSep 30, 2022

By Camilla Cacco

What does brand awareness really mean? It’s nothing more than the degree of familiarity and knowledge of a brand by a target audience.

A company with good brand awareness means that its brand is one of the first to pop into the consumer’s head when thinking of a particular product or service. For example, what comes to mind if I asked you to name five car brands? Would you recognize their logos? Exactly. The ones you just named enjoy excellent brand awareness.

Communicate a positive image to position the brand

As you may have guessed, this is a fundamental aspect since it profoundly affects a person’s choices and purchasing habits. One of the main objectives of a company is to communicate a positive image to position the brand in the minds of the target customer so that the brand will be included in the set of brands kept in a customer’s mind when a purchase choice is made. For this reason, it’s useful to consider some activities that can increase brand awareness.

An impact on the consumer’s perception

Beyond elements such as commercials, printed ads, banners and road signs, there are several other ways to impact consumer perception. Some brands exploit the image of influencers and testimonials to spread awareness of their product or service, while others focus on product placement within films, TV series, television programs and video clips.

A SEO-oriented strategy

In addition to these well-established, traditional solutions, it’s also important in today’s world to build an effective and SEO-oriented communication strategy across online channels. Websites and social media channels are now like the business card of any company in step with the times, therefore they must present content that are not only valid and updated but also captivating and innovative compared to its competitors.

Brand awareness for an expansion of the user base

Unfortunately, many companies and professionals underestimate the importance of building a solid brand awareness strategy, and consequently, they ignore the fact that it could be the driving force behind a substantial expansion of its user base. In conclusion, companies should invest in this aspect of their businesses because… It always pays off!

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