The Power of Difference

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2 min readFeb 2, 2022

By Micol Naletto

“Our collective wealth is made up of our diversity.”

This was written by Albert Jacquard in his book In Praise of Difference and it is universally true — environmentally, biologically, socially and culturally.

At Ennova Research, we strongly believe that this is also the case inside a company’s ecosystem. Diversity is richness and we are as precious to one another as we are different.

Just imagine your company as a colorful, elaborate, telltaling mosaic. It is made up of many pieces, different in color, material, and shape, and each of them is unique and irreplaceable to compose that artwork. This is how every employee should perceive himself/herself inside his/her company. Each employee is an irreplaceable, unique person and part of that community.

As human beings, we seek to belong. We are compelled to come together, and inside our company we need to do it in a very authentic way where we seek each other’s differences and find joy in learning from those differences. This is what we believe a great leader should do. A great leader should be aware of the different colors of his/her team and find synergies that come from the combination of their colors and talents by unlocking their full potential. Just imagine how this can positively impact your business!

Differences can become a real source of wealth especially in the space of innovation. In fact, research shows that the absence of diversity facilitates what is called “group think”, where everyone starts thinking the same way, and those who express a divergent opinion are excluded or called to order and invited to step into the line. The outcome, consequently, is the pressure to conform and standardize results which prevents a company the capacity to innovate. Innovation requires diversity and the confrontation of different points of view.

We believe in three key values to foster a successful work environment: embracing diversity, ensuring inclusion and creating a sense of belonging. These are elements genetically wired in each and every one of us. They are what makes Ennova Research a great place to work and innovate.

What color, what value, and what innovation do you represent? Be aware of them and find the right combination for your talent and stand out!

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