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By Marica Spada

A month ago, my colleague and I talked about logos. It was a moment of satisfaction because I could explain to her what a logo design is.

A logo is an easily recognizable, versatile and smart visual design element that includes the name, symbol, and color of the brand. It doesn’t communicate everything about the company, but it is a useful tool to identify purposes. Exactly for this reason, a logo should communicate the brand’s objectives and principles and tell its story too.

Let’s take Amazon as an example. The Amazon logo is well known by many and is considered one of the best to depict its story and meaning behind Amazon. Its pictogram, the smile with a yellow line, is a perfect marketing vehicle that says, “Hey, we deliver smiles to your door,” passing on trust, security and a delightful experience to the customer. Furthermore, the smile represents an arrow that starts from the letter A of Amazon and ends at the letter Z, like the alphabet. Amazon is basically saying that it just about sells anything from A to Z.

What does your logo say about your company?

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